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Where is the Sciatic Nerve?


Sciatica is the word given to the symptom of pain passing down the sciatic nerve.

It usually occurs after many years of a person’s spine being subject to nerve interference and subsequent muscle and structural imbalance and deterioration during the subluxation process.
I regularly have patients asking me questions about sciatica. In this video I am going to answer the question, “Where is the sciatic nerve?”

That way you’ll better understand what may be causing sciatica sufferers difficulties moving and preventing them from doing things they love.

I am going to show you the path of the nerve and I am going to explain how and why the nerve stretch exercises we provide you at the end can help by releasing the piriformis muscle.

Dr Craig Hindson from Loving Life Chiropractic is the Chiropractor Ottawa resident come to for long-term family wellness results that last.

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Full Transcription of the Video:

In this video I’m going to explain where is the sciatic nerve.

That way you’ll better understand what it is that’s restricting motion & perhaps causing discomfort and stopping you from doing the things that you love.

We explain how and why the nerve stretch exercises we give you access to at the end, can help prevent sciatic pain by releasing a muscle called the piriformis muscle. So here is a video that we had a very willing volunteer help us with…

The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in the body. It’s about the width of your finger and a lot of sciatic nerve problems come from twisting or compression due to various issues that I’m going to discuss in just a second. But first of all, if you want to come on in Harvey has very kindly volunteered to help.

Now the sciatic nerve emanates from the lower part of the spine.
The lower part of the spine that has no ribs on is called the Lumbar spine and the sciatic
nerve comes out of nerve channels between L4. So the fourth lumbar bone and the fifth lumbar bone
in between those nerve channels there is a disc. And the disc is a spacer and that spacer
holds open the nerve channel. The anatomical term for it is a foramen but it basically
means hole or nerve channel.

It holds open that nerve channel which leaves space for the nerves
to come out. And this bundle here is a bundle of hundreds and thousands of nerves and that joins
together with another bundle that comes out at the lower level and the L5 S1 so that is the
L4 nerve and the L5 nerve.

The tailbone which is one of the three bones that make up the pelvis.
The tailbone also has nerve channels in it or foramen and s1 s2 and s3 are the nerve
bundles that come out and they join together with those two lumbar nerve bundles
and they then pass down into the inside of the pelvis. They then exit the pelvis
with on this side. You can see this notch it’s called the greater sciatic notch.
That eminence there actually has a ligament on. As a living person there is a ligament that goes from
there to the tailbone so in other words this is actually more of a hole on a living person rather
than a notch. The inside of this tailbone has a muscle on it. That muscle is the piriformis muscle
it comes out, goes through the greater sciatic notch and attaches to the thigh bone or femur.
Now this muscle is involved in this motion. I’m going to show you there. So that motion there is
where the piriformis muscle gets involved. It’s a small muscle and lies together with the gemellus
muscles. They also are small muscles as well.

OK now the yellow (meant blue) band there represents
the ligament which is underneath there it’s called the spinal-sacral ligament and above that ligament
the nerve bundle comes out. The sciatic nerve comes out it runs down the back of the thigh down
to the knee and at the knee it splits into two portions.

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access to the four best stretches for sciatic nerve pain relief. My name is Dr Craig Hindson,
Loving Life Chiropractic, getting you and your family back to doing the things that you love!

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