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Your Chiropractors Ottawa West for
Life, Mind and Whole Body Improvement

Are you interested in discovering the benefits of high-tech, cutting edge corrective chiropractic care which is tailored to solve your immediate health issues and help you achieve your goals - not only now but also in the future? At Loving Life Chiropractic, Ottawa West chiropractors and husband and wife team Dr. Craig Hindson and Dr. Marie Claude Lambert constantly strive to provide a unique and effective approach to the care that your spine and nerve system needs and deserves.

Quality Chiropractic for People of All Ages

Photo of LogoDid you know that chiropractic care can improve your overall quality of life, allowing you to better express and experience happiness, improved physicality and love in your relationships and endeavours.? We do this not just by addressing specific symptoms using chiropractic adjustive care, but by bringing overall health, life and vibrancy back to your body by improving brain–body communication at the level of your spine.

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to allows your nerve system to function at its full capacity, and when you body is clear of interference it can better deal with ailments and complaints. For example, in our practice, we’ve experienced the amazing body heal itself with safe, natural chiropractic care, from an incredible variety of diverse infant and adult conditions. These range from hearing issues to seizures to the more usual recovery from decades of migraines, back pain and neck issues.

Improve Lifestyle and Wellness With Chiropractic Adjustments

Our doctors use an objective, results-based process, which includes pre- and post-adjustment nerve system scans and high-tech x-rays. In addition, unlike many multi-doctor practices, our patients are able to move between practitioners as necessary to get the very best results and to draw on our individual strengths and differences. We encourage our practice members to take advantage of this system, and enjoy the benefits of a true family team.

Loving Life Chiropractic also provides weekly “Better Results Faster” workshops and advanced monthly “Body Signals Workshops” to help you improve your functional health in all arenas. These include such workshops as “Bulletproof Your Lower Back” and “15 lbs Healthier in 15 weeks”” As your Doctor we understand our job is to not only help you get well but to teach you how to stay well.

Discover the Loving Life Chiropractic Difference

Allow us to help you listen to your Body Signals – literally what your body is saying and come alongside you to help you address those issues.

Contact our practice today to get started with your first visit—we are excited to see you soon and start the journey!

Love and light always,
Dr Craig and Dr Marie-Claude