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About Loving Life Chiropractic

Living A Loving Life Is Your Soul Purpose, Being There for You is Ours!

Dr Marie-Claude Lambert was born in Magog in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. While working in a chiropractic office in Plymouth, England she met Craig Hindson who was so inspired by her work that he quit his job as a professional engineer in the UK’s Royal Navy and retrained to become a Chiropractic doctor himself.

Together they ran a highly successful family chiropractic practice “Life Chiropractic”, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North East of England. They helped all members and generations of the family from 4 hour old babies to 100 year old great-great grandfathers. In 2014 the expanded family, which now included 2 young girls and a cat, emigrated / returned to Canada!

In 2016 they relocated to the nation’s capital, Ottawa, for the bilingual flare, historic buildings and cosmopolitan city feel but with quick access to the country and without the traffic insanity of Toronto!

Our unique and inviting practice is located in the impressive, historic “Old McKellar Farmhouse” in McKellar Park, Westboro. The practice combines the best of a beautiful and warm turn of the century traditional setting, with the latest cutting edge, objective electronic range of motion and nerve system scanning technology We know that every visit to our office can change a person’s life and we are humbled that people drive up to an hour and a half each way, to see us for their care. As such we work hard to exceed expectations and to give each individual the best experience that we can.

Our Practice Mission

To Empower You and Your Family to Reach Your Soul Purpose of Living Your Most Loving Life.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

This manifests in your family life, at work, in your exercise and recreational pursuits and in your relationships with others both socially and spiritually.

We achieve this by educating and adjusting as many families as possible back towards optimum health and performance through natural chiropractic care.

But our Mission extends beyond Ottawa. We use an international network of chiropractors, and the very latest technology, to connect the people who reach out to us for help with a chiropractor who resonates with them. We aim to ensure that they are served in the same way that we would expect our own children and family to be served.

Join us on the journey!

We understand that families under our care are safer and healthier than families who are not and, as long-term, results orientated chiropractic doctors, our aim is to not only help you get well, but then to teach you how to stay well.

This approach helps us to fulfill our purpose to Serve God by reconnecting people to their Innate ability to heal, evolve and function at the very highest levels, and in doing so bring more Love into the world.


Get started today by contacting our office to book an appointment. We’re happy to offer extended and Saturday hours for your convenience!

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