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Chiropractic care has been getting phenomenal results for over 120 years.

There are, however, things which you do as a chiropractic patient, outside of the office, which can help accelerate your results. The main thing you can do is to nurture activities which help you maintain your adjustment for longer so that your body continues to function and heal more effectively while you are away from us.

Here are a few home help tips to get you started! Enjoy!

The Stretch video thumbnail

Exercise for Rounded Shoulders and Forward Head Carriage – Part 1 – The Stretch
Sat at the computer or at a steering wheel all day? Tingling in the hands? Pain between the shoulder blades? Worried that the muscle development at the base of your neck (which is often sore, especially at the high “bump”) is getting bigger? Try this stretch to get movement to the area.

Part 2 video thumbnailExercise for Rounded Shoulders and Forward Head Carriage – Part 2 – Strengthening
Now, in Exercises for Rounded Shoulders – Part 2 Loving Life Chiropractic Doctor, Craig Hindson demonstrates strengthening the muscles and re-educate the nerve system to help keep the shoulders pulled back, the chest more upright and the person taller.

This reduces premature aging at the base of the neck and top of the shoulders and thus reduces pressure from the nerve system that runs through and exits at the spine in this area (spinal segments C5 – T3).

snow shoveling video thumbnailLifting Correctly (Using Your Butt!) To Protect your Spine
Getting a stiff lower back after shoveling either in the garden or in snow banks (depending on the time of year). Dr Craig Hindson of Loving Life Chiropractic Ottawa explains why lifting with your legs is old thinking and may be contributing to declining health issues from general lifting. Today, there is a new and better way to lift which engages back, leg and mid-rift muscles.

Please Note:

These exercises are designed for different issues and body types and may not be applicable to you, so please consult with your chiropractor to make sure they are right for your body type. If under chiropractic care regular use of these types of activities help you hold your adjustment longer. This means you spend less time, energy and resource at the chiropractic office and therefore have more time, energy and resources to do the things you love with the people you love. That is why we serve you…

For exercises and health hints and tips on improving the integrity of the spine and thus nerve system subscribe to our You Tube Channel here.

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