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Family Chiropractic Care

Did you know that your aches and pains are part of your body’s elaborate and intelligent way of communicating with you? The first tool a chiropractic doctor can provide you with is the ability to listen to and decode those messages. Our purpose is not to mask your symptoms, but to provide care that allows your incredible body to heal itself. Our team does this by finding the interference  in the messages traveling down your spinal cord and then using that information to deliver a chiropractic adjustment that restore the body’s ability to control the position of its vertebrae.

Our Techniques

Care in  our practice is dedicated to using chiropractic techniques to aid people from all walks of life — high-stress executives to new-born babies to pregnant moms and  senior citizens. Case studies continue to show chiropractic care can ease the suffering of colic in babies, allow for safer and easier pregnancies with the Webster Technique, and relieve debilitating migraines.

We have a myriad of techniques that we utilize, including the aforementioned Webster Technique, the neurologically based Thompson technique, and low force techniques such as KST or activator. We diversify our approach in order to customize the gentle plan for the newborn, the regenerative plan for the senior with osteoporosis, and the aggressive plan for those active in sports or exercise.

Simply put—care with us is always unique to each individual patient.

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