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New Patients

Dr. Craig examining patientWelcome to Loving Life Chiropractic! Our warm and inviting office is waiting for you to start your journey to wellness and peace. We have developed a traditional atmosphere in a turn of the century house, but don’t be fooled by our rustic motif-we pride ourselves on housing the latest and greatest in body scanning technology.

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by the thought of a visit; our process is simple and effective. Our doctors listen to your symptoms and health goals. We observe. We align your goals with our findings, and we put together a plan. That’s it!

Although results vary, you may be surprised by the outcomes—we often have patients come in to address a specific symptom, and when we treat the underlying cause, seemingly unrelated issues will also improve!

Your First Visit

After you’ve completed your new patient paperwork, we get to the heart of the first visit: YOU. We want to hear it all. Your current problems and symptoms, the signals your body is sending you, what you would like to improve or change and maintain. Once we collect all of this information, we perform an in depth examination, which may include objective tests such as electronic range of motion, electronic posture checks and observation via a nervous system scanner. We compile this information in order to make a fast and effective plan of action.

We recommend budgeting about an hour for this visit.

Your Second Visit

Using the information from your first visit as well as any x-rays we’ve taken, we’ll put together a written and verbal brief explaining our findings and recommendations. The plan is to achieve the established goals while addressing your complaints and our findings along the way. We’ll agree on a direction and perform the first adjustment with your approval.

We recommend budgeting about 45 minutes for this visit.

Your Regular Visits

We will always strive to welcome you into a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, which we consider an integral part of the healing process. Once situated, your appointment will cover three major things: objective comparative scans to see how your spine is responding, education on improvements that can be made, and finally the chiropractic adjustment. The cumulative effects of the adjustments on the nervous system will allow your body to express itself and heal better.

We’re committed to offering you and your family a fantastic experience at your first visit and each one after that. Contact our practice today to book an appointment!

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