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What to wear to Chiropractor

If you or any of your loved ones have ever asked, “What to wear to chiropractor?” or, “I wonder what happens at the first visit at the chiropractor near me.”, then you are in the right place.

And in the video below, it will answer that for you.

We suggest just wear comfortable clothes, stuff that you can bend in and move around in. We’re not having you lie on the floor or anything like that. We may have you bend forward all the way and the range of motion with the neck, so it doesn’t have to be super rough. But if you want to feel free to move, then a lot of people wear sweatpants. A stretchy top or a t-shirt or something that you’re comfortable with.

What happens at the chiropractic visit?

So, prior to coming to the chiropractor, you should have been reached out to by us. We would normally email out the paperwork. Now, it’s vitally important because it takes some care to finish the paperwork completely. We go back in your history asking about the sorts of stresses your body’s been under since you were a child, as a young adult, and obviously later in life as an older adult if you’ve got to that stage of life. We’re interested in all those different phases of care. The reason we’re interested in that, it gives us clues towards what’s going on.

The first visit in our office. and then we give you a little tour of our practice, so you know where everything is. So after that, we have a look at the paperwork. We go through it in some detail before you come in, and then we sit down with you, and we have you explain to us in your own words what your biggest concerns are, what the biggest health challenges you have are and what areas where you’d like to achieve certain goals. Most people come in with a neck pain or some sort of pain that they want to get rid of, but the fact is that pain is really a side effect. The pain is the result of the problem. It is not the problem. The problem is imbalance in the body. Our job is to identify how we can get you healthier, primarily through chiropractic adjustments. But there are other things that you can do.

We do several digital scans. The first one is range of motion, to see how the range of motion in your neck is. The reason for that is we want to see how impaired that motion is so that we get a digital picture. And the power of that is we’ve got it now and we can do it again in 12 visits time and we see what’s changed. And the cool thing is most people see a gradual improvement as they go on.

The last scan that we do is the nerve system scans where we scan the spine.

So, the follow-up visit is where we go through all the details. We will show you exactly what we found. In here, you’ll have the x-rays, you’ll have all the scans, there are some admin letters and there are some pictures of different subluxation, degenerations as well as pictures of the x-rays. The follow-up visit is where we go through all the details and to show you exactly what we found. We put together a plan for you for your situation to get the very best results. And if we take you up for care, we just get going straight away.

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