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The Best Milk Substitute

So if you are cutting out dairy and are looking for the best milk substitute then check out our informative video from Dr H below. Maybe you are trying to lose weight, you have some insensitivities or allergies or maybe you have just started a diet or eating regimen that requires you to drop dairy.

The information below should give you an idea of milk alternatives out there and help you choose the best milk substitute for you.

Dr Craig “H” Hindson of Loving Life Chiropractic reviews 4 milk substitutes to find the best in terms of taste and protein content. And the best milk substitute is …

What is your favourite thing to drink in place of milk. Let me know below in the comments.


Dr Craig H

Video Transcription:

Hello there gang! Hi it is Dr Craig Hindson here from Loving Life Chiropractic and today we’re going to talk about the best milk substitute. So we’re just coming out of the period of confinement that the world’s been in and halfway through I was shocked that I put on 10 pounds. So despite normal kind of running activities and stuff I’ve obviously been eating a bunch of the wrong stuff, so I started an eating regimen which includes getting dairy out of your diet.

Some people out there may be looking to remove milk out of their diet for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have some sensitivity to it and maybe even an allergy to it. Maybe you just want to look at a different way of eating or maybe a little bit like me you’re on a plan and it calls for it to be taken out of your diet but you still like your cereal… and I’ve got a recipe for a paleo cereal as well that I’ll put down in the description, so I can still maintain a healthy eating okay.

So today we’re going to discuss the best milk substitute and we’re looking at four different alternatives. Now there are going to be other alternatives out there and they’re going to be other reasons that you’re looking for a substitute. So maybe you want to cook or bake with a particular milk that is nothing really to do with this. This is really to do with two things that I’m going to be judging these four different milks on. One is going to be taste and of course that’s my taste so the subjective but I’ll talk about that in a second and the second is going to be protein content.

Because myself I’ve as well as doing an eating regimen a paleo style eating regimen I’ve cut out meat out of my diet as well. So for me protein is pretty important. So to start with we’ve got some soy beverage here we’ve got a chickpea flaxseed beverage, we’ve got almond milk and we’ve got oat milk. OK and then here is good old fashion in a jug, so if you’re not from Ontario in Canada this might be a little weird. But here we get milk in a bag. It pops into a jug and that usually arrives in a big bag of little bags. So that is just your regular milk this is two percent milk. So that’s two percent milk so everything’s gonna be judged on that. Now I’m not gonna drink them up because I know what milk tastes like. I like milk so let’s say on a scale of no to ten I’m gonna rate the milk as eight okay so if what i drink tastes better than milk I’m gonna give it higher than eight and then less obviously if it tastes less good than milk and at the end we’ll talk about protein. So the first one the soy beverage.

OK no real smell to it. So kind of tastes, it’s got a little twang, kind of tastes like drinking liquid paper but um on a scale of no to 10 I’ll probably give that four to five and i’ve got pretty robust taste you know i will eat anything usually. So that’s four to five chickpea I’m gonna save that one to last because I’ve never tasted it my um family have tasted it and they have some interesting comments.

So I’ll a go to the almond milk i’ve actually drank quite a lot of almond milk in the past. All of these are unsweetened you can get them sweetened but obviously I was just trying to get more healthful alternatives. So not bad at all pretty smooth doesn’t have a ton of taste but uh smooth I could yeah that’s uh I’d give that six out of ten where we got milk at eight I was gonna get it seven but no it’s not quite that close to milk. And then the last one is wheat okay. This one has got a smell to it this one’s actually got vanilla in it it’s without sugar but it’s got vanilla and so perhaps not not on a comparable with the rest of them. It does have the vanilla taste but it has a little kind of a little bitter aftertaste so I’m going to give that one five as well okay.

I’m going to come back here to the chickpea. Get no real smell to it as such. I’m just gonna get some on this water. So that’s got kind of a strong taste hitting in the back of the throat. Tastes kind of mushroomy. Has a strong taste not hugely pleasant not hugely unpleasant but strong. So i’d say that’ll probably get five as well okay. So the closest we got so far obviously out of them was was almond and these three are basically on a par. So the second point we were talking about is protein. Now this is something that’s close to my heart and what we’ve got is on the side is the label.

Now it’s important to compare apples with apples because the label talks about helping size and gives you grams of protein but if you’re not comparing it as a percentage overall So you need to be comparing it to 100%. So for example here the protein is eight grams but that’s eight grams in 250 milliliters now a milliliter is around about a gram so in other words out of 250 grams of liquid eight grams is protein okay and that actually boils down to 3.2 percent protein. So the soy beverage has 3.2 percent protein so that’s pretty high the chickpea beverage that had 5 out of ten that has 10 grams out of 250 so that boils down to four percent so way higher okay. The almond which is obviously very readily available has 0.4 percent of protein in other words it has one gram per 250 milliliters or one gram per 250.

OK and then the oat drink has 1.6 % protein in it. So if we put that in order a percentage of protein almonds gonna come up last and then the chickpea drink is going to come up first at four percent. And then for milk our regular milk has 3.6% protein. OK so based on this and making a split decision i think out of all of these, because of the aftertaste of the chickpea i personally would go to the soy drink as far as taste and protein content. If i was just looking for overall taste I’d go to the almond drink. OK but with such a low percentage of protein for me the best milk substitute is going to be the soy at this stage. And when I’m feeling pretty rock and roll and pretty tough I’ll give the chickpea and lentil a go okay. Obviously I’d look to substitute my protein other food as like nuts and seeds and beans.

OK so I hope that that has been an interesting look and a useful look at the best alternative to milk. If you have any questions or in fact I tell you what if you want to subscribe to the channel, if you enjoyed this just hit the subscribe button. I’m going to put some links in the description which will talk about things like How to read a label and How to make paleo style granola.

I hope this has been of use if you enjoyed it hit the subscribe button. Hit the like. Share it with some friends because everyone is dying for information and needs to understand some of these concepts so they can make better health choices and continue Loving Life!

Thanks very much!

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