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Tummy Time 2 x 4 Stretches for Neck Pain

So Why Are Tummy Time 2 x 4 – By Far The Best Stretches for Neck Pain?

As an adult these are some of the most important and powerful neurological  stretches for neck pain a person can do.

As an infant, tummy time is especially important as part of brain development. Research shows that the frontal cortex is not fully formed as an infant, its growth is stimulated as baby looks up and to the side. This motion also helps develop and maintain the cervical or neck curve. So in other words, less looking up and to the side equals a less developed frontal cortex.

What Happens When You Lose Your Neck Curve?

Conversely, loss or poor development of the cervical spine curve is associated with reduced cognitive function, increased risk of stroke, high blood pressure and more “fight and flight” survival-type activity (i.e. increased vital signs, anxiety, depression, poor healing, loss of libido) to name just a few.

So, my question to you is this. When was the last time you spent time on your stomach looking up and to the side, having fun (and encouraging your neck curve to develop)?

Answer … probably not for some considerable time!

We are excited to be sharing this stretch with you, which if incorporated multiple times daily (it just takes 16 seconds, so we should be doing it between at least 4-12 times a day) can be used by you, your children and your friends and family to tune up your brain and prevent premature aging of the spine. Don’t worry – 12 times a day is easy. We have a list of places you can do this activity multiple times a day and you can layer it with other healthy and necessary daily activities!

Why Is It Important To Do This Multiple Times A Day?

Gravity is the biggest micro-stress your cervical curve is fighting against.

You remember the “hump” you can see on the neck of older (and sometime not so old) members of the community? It is a result of 40 years of vertebral subluxation (which restricted the motion and curve development/maintenance in the first place) and 40 years of continual action of gravity.

Once you are regularly getting spinal/nerve system imbalance (subluxation) removed by your chiropractor it is now time to retrain the brain and body to maintain a healthier neck curve.

And please teach them to your children, so they do not grow up with the same problems you and I have!

How To Do It

  1. Lie on your tummy or (if at work/in public) while standing, imagine you are lying on your tummy. (Put your hands in front in a push-up position if it helps).
  2. Push up and look as far over your shoulder and up as you can. Do this twice in each direction. Hold for 4 seconds. (2 x 4)

Progress To:

  1. Starting with hands at your side, bring one arm up with your thumb up. Pull your arm back and out to the side. Track the thumb with your eyes. Hold both sides twice for 4 secs. This integrates left and right sides of your brain. This is a very POWERFUL neurological (brain body communication) reset which stimulates both sides of the brain to coordinate neck muscles to maintain the correct curve!

CAUTION: If you experience any dizziness or pain stop the exercise and let your chiropractor know.

Places You Can Do Your Tummy Time 2 X 4 Stretches

  • In our education area (or wherever you are) after you have read this article! That’s right. No time like the present.
  • Waiting in a queue. Superstore q. Bank q. Service Ontario q. Lots of queues to do your stretches in!
  • Waiting at a red traffic light. (You can probably do 4 sets on the way to work!)
  • In the bathroom (yes it’s a good use of your “alone time”).
  • Wherever you see a person walking who badly is hunched over or has a “hump”. (It used to be just older folk but now it can be younger folk on “tech”.)
  • Waiting for your computer to start or shut down. Hourly, before after and during computer use.
  • When playing with your children (and, yes, teach them how to do it too).
  • Before, after and while using your mobile device. Try to undo the damage before it’s done by your tech!

How Often

This is the most important (quickest and easiest) 16 seconds of healthy habit you can do for your nerve system. Starting 4 times a day increasing to 8-12 times a day. Record how many times you do this stretch daily and try to beat your previous daily total.

Tummy Time 2 x 4 Stretches for the Month of _____________
Month Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Remarks


Tummy Time 2 x 4 Stretches for the Month of _____________
Month Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Remarks

Let us know if you find any other good times and places to do your tummy time stretches so we can share with others!



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    Where do you like to do your Tummy time 2x4 neck stretches? Enjoy! Dr Craig

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