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Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief - The 4 Best Stretches

I am currently getting a lot of questions sent to me on the topic of sciatic nerve pain.

Chris recently asked “Dr Craig what stretches can I do to relieve this sciatica?”

So I have put together a video on The 4 best Stretches.

Getting straight into the sciatic pain relief stretches. Click on the video below:

I give you them in the order easiest to do to hardest…

1. Sitting Leg Raise

2. Bend forward seated stretch

3. Lying Figure 4 stretch

4. So this is my favorite – the Pigeon Stretch BUT this not for everyone… not yet at least!

The last stretch is one of the most intense and effective sciatic nerve pain relief stretches on the planet. If you think you are at this level dive into it and tell me what you think in the comments.

I trust you enjoy these stretches for sciatic nerve pain relief and if you ever need further help please reach out.

ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS please put them in the comments area below and I will reach out to answer then as soon as I can.

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Links to the other articles in the Sciatica series -

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2. What is sciatic nerve damage? IN DRAFT Date to be confirmed

3. You Tell Me! PUT IN COMMENTS BELOW What You’d Like to See Next!



Full Transcript of the Video “Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – The 4 Best Stretches”:

In this video I’m going to teach you how to get
sciatic nerve pain relief using the four best stretches out there!
This will give you a tool which is all-natural and you can use anywhere
to keep you functioning better, reduce your discomfort
until you can get back in balance and loving life again.
Hi! My name is Dr Craig Hindson from Loving Life Chiropractic in Ottawa
and I’m currently getting a lot of questions about sciatic nerve pain.
For instance Chris sent me a question recently saying Dr Craig what stretches
can i do to relieve this static nerve pain?
Sciatic nerve pain can be, well, a real pain so it varies in
different magnitudes. It can start off as a dull
ache in the joints either side of the
pelvis but usually develops to be shooting down into the thigh,
down to the knee and even down into the ankle (foot).
OK. So there may be some other questions on sciatica which you want
answered and I’m going to be answering them for you at the end
but let’s get straight into the sciatic nerve pain stretches.
So I’m going to give you them in the order from easiest to do,
to hardest to do, OK, so if you have some restricted mobility or some
movement issues start with the easiest one first.
The first is a sitting leg raise. So sit in a chair both feet
like firmly on the ground. Now straight back and what we’re going to do is we’re
going to be lifting up the knee towards the chest.
OK. Now as we pull the knee up towards the chest we grasp
the shin and we’re going to be pulling it slightly across to the opposite side.
So across to the left. And when i start to feel the pull on my
gluteal area … on my buttock area and then I’ll look over my
shoulder. So I’m looking over to the right. And I
feel that pull there on the piriformis muscle okay I’m going
to hold that for between 10 and 30 seconds. OK.
So if you’re in acute stage you can do this in sets of two or three
and do it three times perhaps once an hour to start
yourself out. Obviously vary that to your tolerance depending on what’s going on.
So, if that is easy for you then the next one we’re going to do is the bent
forward sciatic stretch. So we’re going to bring
our right ankle over the knee and
we’re going to lean forward. We’re not going to lean on the leg we’re actually
going to kind of arch our back over the leg, over
towards the left hand side and we’re going to start to feel the
stretch again in the gluteal area. As you’re leaning over your
direction of pull in your back is almost up towards the ceiling so you’re leaning
over and you’re kind of pulling up towards the ceiling
from the base of your pelvis. So you lean over
the direction of pull is kind of upwards of course.
As we’re leaning forward we can’t pull up but that direction again it’s going
in the right direction. OK and then the third one
needs us on a surface so we’re going to be on a yoga mat or on a carpeted floor.
Best not to do it on the bed we want a little bit of firmness. This is a
chiropractic table so this is very firm and stable. So this is the
affected side, the right hand side, pulling it through there, put my arms
through and I kind of make a figure four with my legs and I pull in there.
As I pull the ankle towards my nose I feel the stretch in my buttock area
okay. And just so you can see for the other side this is what it looks like.
That’s a nice stretch there going on straight away so
this muscle area here okay. So this last stretch is one of the most
intense and effective sciatic nerve pain relief
stretches on the planet. And it’s personally my favorite. I’m
going to teach it to you in just a moment but from the questions
I’ve been receiving I know some of you want to circle back
to questions like “Where is the sciatic nerve?” and “What is
sciatic nerve damage.” So at the end of this video I’m going to
give you two free resources to answer these questions
and if you’ve been getting value from this video hit the like
and share it with others you know who may benefit from this type of
information. OK so this is the fourth exercise and is
my personal favorite… It’s called the pigeon stretch.
But just a warning, this is not for everyone so if you have restricted motion
then try the first three stretches first before you get to this one. Now we’re
normally going to do it on a floor. A carpeted floor is great or hardwood
floor makes a difference. I’m doing it on the table just for
demonstration purposes. You start off in a press up position okay. Now the affected
leg, in this case on the right hand side I’m going to bring it
through so I’m almost going to make a figure four. So I’m here and I’ll bring
my leg through and I’m almost making a figure
four. It’ll usually be on the floor and obviously be pressing up.
And then I can just use my arms and just lower very slowly down
and I feel that stretch right on the
piriformis muscle which is the muscle we’re working to stretch here.
So, as we lower it down we can feel that pull happening
okay and that’s a nice intensity. I’m going to switch watch around so you can
see. And that’s what it looks like when we
come to the other side. Obviously the floor would be there holding my foot up
a little further. As we lower down we get that
pull on the sciatic… on the muscle trapping the sciatic nerve… the piriformis muscle
Now, some of the other sciatic nerve
questions i’ve been asked by people are things like …
where is the sciatic nerve and what is sciatic nerve damage?
So i’m just putting together some MRI and x-ray material
and developing video resources to answer these two questions,
So if you hit the subscribe button and hit the bell
and put the notifications to “all” then as soon as that comes out you’ll have
notification and as soon as I’ve completed them if
you go down into the description, some of them may be done now.
All the videos for the sciatic nerve series that I’m putting together
I’m going to put links to them down in the description. OK.
and if you have any questions on sciatica in particular
put it in the comments below and I’ll answer them when I circle back
or maybe even produce another video or pdf resource for you.
Okay so in the meantime just click on the video here…
if i’ve completed it it may be, “where is the scientific nerve?”
If not, then YouTube put something there that they think you’re really gonna love
My name is Dr Craig Hindson Loving Life Chiropractic. Getting you
back to a Loving Life. Thank You

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