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Relief From Neck Pain When Looking Up

Hi Everyone,

I know you or friends or family may be suffering with some type of pain in the neck.

If it’s neck pain when looking up I have a useful stretch so I put together a video with some chiropractic info and anatomy which should help you understand what is going on and give you some temporary relief until you can get to your chiropractor or other primary health provider.

Click here or on the image below.


neck pain when looking up

Enjoy and feel free to give feedback and ask questions either below or on the video comments section,

Dr Craig and the Team

Full Video Transcription to follow:

Neck Pain When Looking Up – 3 Strategies for Relief – Dr Craig Hindson | Family Chiropractor in Ottawa

Hi there YouTube family! In this short video, “Neck Pain When Looking Up – 3 Strategies for Relief”, you will learn a little anatomy of the upper spine and how issues can cause neck pain when looking up. I give you one of the best spinal hygiene exercise for a neck pain when looking up and 3 strategies to help you deal with pain and discomfort in the neck when looking up.



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