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Push Up Challenge for Beginners PDF | The 600 Challenge - Loving Movement

This “Push-up challenge for beginners pdf”, from Dr. Craig Hindson the founder of Loving Life Chiropractic Canada, is also called “The 600 Challenge – Loving Movement” pdf and is one of 4 challenges which we run at Loving Life Chiropractic. It is part of Level 3 of the @LovingLifePyramid strategy to achieve long-term, abundant health. Details of the strategy are below.

Watch this short video explanation:

A video giving a breakdown of the Loving Movement challenge is here and a demonstration of some of the different exercises you can do are in the following video:

For further articles and challenges visit the relevant section of our blog here.


Download your  Loving Movement 600 Challenge by clicking here.

The 600 Challenge helps our Practice Members and you put knowledge into action.

The pyramid consists of 3 levels.

  • Level 1 Adjustments in Rhythm
  • Level 2 Specific Spinal Hygeine
  • Level 3 The 4 Pillars Of Health
    • 1st Pillar – Loving Food
    • 2nd Pillar – Loving Rest
    • 3rd Pillar – Loving Movement
    • 4th Pillar – Loving Thought
  • Foundation of Temple – Loving Power

Push Up Challenge for Beginners pdf | The 600 Challenge – Loving Movement | Loving Life Chiropractic

In the video, which is effectively a push-up challenge for beginners, we are going to cover three beginners push-up moves and then we’re going to cover two intermediate and 2 advanced exercises. In our office to help with your health recovery, we use  The Loving Life Pyramid strategy to provide Chiropractic Wellness tips, exercises and recipes to help you and your family do what your love for longer.

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