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Muscle Pain in the Back of Your Head

suboccipital muscles

For those of you suffering with migraines and muscle pain in the back of your head

In this short article and video I’m going to explain to you what the problem is, what a solution is and I’m going to show you one of my most powerful Game Changer chiropractic adjustments.

First I’m going to demonstrate some anatomy and show you the neurology which may affect migraine pain at the back of the head
and later a practice member has kindly agreed to volunteer to allow me to adjust her and show you what I’m doing. I’ll be using an occipital lift type adjustment which is my personal preferred method of adjusting people who’ve been suffering for a long time with migraine pain coming from the back of the head so let’s get to it. So for me as a upper cervical focused chiropractor, the back of the head is a very exciting area. There are three bones which have a very big impact on the nervous system and thus the control and function of the body. The first bone I’m going to discuss is called the occipital bone and it is part of the skull… (click here for video explanation)


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

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