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Make Drinking Water Regularly Less Boring

Make Water Less Boring (Especially for Kids)

water on leafMake water less boring …

…by understanding your incredible body.

Do you want to be taller, stronger and even more intelligent?

The spinal discs, which are the shock-absorbing pads located between each vertebra (spinal bone), have no direct blood supply. That means that is it motion which pumps water, fluids and nutrients into and out of the disc.

Under the effects of gravity an adult spine loses around 3/4″ or 20 mm of disc height each day due to loss of fluid from the disc. Sleeping helps regain some, but not all, of the fluid. Disc height gradually begins to reduce around the age of 30, leading to some losses of up to two inches by the time you reach 60. Motion and good hydration are key at helping disc height regenerate.

3 litres or 8 glasses of water are recommended but not everyone is into water drinking. Here are a few tips to make water less boring:

  1. Filter the water to get rid of the “bleachy” after-taste.
  2. Commit to drinking a glass of water or two before your morning coffee. Caffeine (and alcohol) are diuretics (make you pee more) so they accelerate disc dehydration. Rather then cutting out your morning coffee, make a commitment to drink 2 glasses of water first. Often you will find that after drinking the water, you no longer have a craving for coffee.
  3. Add fruit such as raspberries or strawberries or scrape a few fresh pomegranate seeds into the water. You can take it a step further with an infuser water bottle. Some bottles even spiral cut your cucumbers!
  4. Hot water poured on a slice of lemon, or a few crushed mint leaves can make a refreshing start to the day or a healthy coffee replacement.
  5. Give children only water from an early age. This avoids them developing a habit of needing to drink water that has had sugar and strong flavours added.

Not only does dehydration reduce mental function but it also leads to premature aging of the vertebral discs and bones of the spine, leading to disc-space narrowing and premature fusion. This alone helps make water less boring for my patients.

The big problem with losing disc height is that healthy plump discs keep the nerve channels open. As the disc narrows the channel closes and nerve communication issues can cause loss of function leading to disease and infirmity. So taking plenty of healthy fluid and keeping the spinal bones moving as they were meant too can prevent poor health mechanical spinal issues as well as nerve system issues.

So, if you want to be taller and stronger and more intelligent… drink more water and stay regularly adjusted by your chiropractor.

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