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Is a Pain in The Neck Serious?

Neck painIs a pain in the next serious and provide you with an exercise you can do immediately to get some relief. That’s going to start to give you some relief and some long-term solution to give you a permanent fix for a pain in the neck.

There are two medical situations where a pain in the neck can be extremely serious. The good news for you is that there are also extremely rare. The likelihood that this is your problem is very, very small. That said there’s two situations are a fracture of the spine and a cancerous growth or tumor in the spine. Both these situations can be ruled out by your medical practitioner who can order imaging, which would allow them to get a diagnosis. Such imaging are things like a bone scan, for example. Now the thing to understand, if you have a fracture in the spine, usually something very serious in terms of physical impact has happened. So that could be a car accident is the most common, could be a sports injury, could be a fall, could be some sort of violent interaction with somebody.

So, in other words, the history will often dictate the likelihood of having a fracture. The situations that, that won’t apply in is if the person has some sort of disease process under the surface. So that would be what, for example, when someone has osteoporosis, or as we mentioned earlier, also if someone has a cancer in the spine, then that weakens the bones greatly, and there are some other medical conditions that can cause weakened bones. And in a situation where someone has a spinal tumor, it’s extremely rare to have a spinal tumor without that having been a history of cancer elsewhere. And one of the distinguishing features of that type of problem will be unrelenting pain throughout the night.

So mostly when you have a pain in the neck, it’s due to some type of chemical, physical, or emotional stress, which has exceeded the body and particularly the cervical spine’s ability to adapt. And that in turn leads to interference with the nerve system, the muscles then start tightening. And when the muscles tighten in the spine and you guys will know that this is the spine, then it starts to pull the spine out of position. And then when the muscles are tightened out of balance. So the bundle of nerves will start putting pressure on the muscles are being pulled in the first place by the nerves and other structures out, it’s actually putting more pressure on the nerves. So it sets up a bit of a vicious circle. And of course, some of those nerves will go into organs, which can lead to a decrease in function all round.
A man holding his neck in pain
So the name of this process is a subluxation process. So for me, that is where we start to apply the first leg of the three legged stool of health recovery. So what can we do at home to reduce and slow down or reverse this subluxation process? So we use an approach of what we call the three legged stool, that you can apply at home is what we call good spinal hygiene habits.

Three Habits to Relieve Neck Pain

So I’m going to teach you my three best specific spinal hygiene habits right now to relieve a pain in the neck. So the first one we’re going to talk about is what we call the tummy time, cervical retraining habits. Now this is your spine. As we mentioned before, this is the back of your head and this is your tummy, your legs come off down there.

That’s the top of the spine or the cervical spine forms, that curve forms, when you led on the floor as a baby. You’re pushing up and looking over your shoulder. So that’s why it’s called tummy time exercise or tummy time habit. So again, looking up and over the shoulder, and we’re going to hold that as we look up and over the shoulder, we’re going to hold that for four, three, two, one. Now do the other side. So we’re going to do it twice for four seconds.

Three, two, one. So we want to be doing between four and 12 times a day.

Now there’s lots of places. You can do it. You can do it when you’re waiting at a red light.
Obviously not when you’re moving. Cause it just takes 16 seconds. If you do it while you’re waiting in the queue for shopping, you can even do it in the bathroom. So, let’s just bring for four seconds both sides.
I employ a three-legged stool to get results.

So what we do to get the permanent fix is we apply the other two legs.

The first leg is what we call adjustments in rhythm. We work to remove these subluxations and then that allows the body to move more fully. So you get a better result with the other two legs. And then the third leg is about adopting loving habits. What that means is adopting loving habits in food movement, thought and rest.

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