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Is a Pain in The Neck Serious? The Best 3 Spinal Hygiene Exercises

Neck pain

Welcome! In this article I  answer the question “Is a pain in the neck serious?” and provide you with 3 exercises you can do immediately to start to get some relief.


In the video below I identify two medical situations where a pain in the neck can be extremely serious.


But don’t worry … they are also extremely rare. The likelihood that this is your problem is very, very small.


In the video I further explain in detail the 3 best spinal hygiene exercises for neck pain relief.


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So mostly when you have a pain in the neck, it’s due to some type of chemical, physical, or emotional stress, which has exceeded the body and particularly the cervical spine’s ability to adapt.

That in turn leads to interference with the nerve system and the muscles then start tightening. And when the muscles tighten in the spine, it starts to pull the spine out of position.

And then when the muscles are tight and out of balance, it’s actually putting more pressure on the nerves. So it sets up a bit of a vicious circle. And of course, some of those nerves will go into organs, which can lead to a decrease in function all round.

A man holding his neck in pain

Three Spinal Hygiene Habits to Relieve Neck Pain

In the video above I  teach you my three best spinal hygiene exercises to do right now to relieve a pain in the neck.

1. Tummy Time, cervical retraining.

Looking up and over the shoulder, and we’re going to hold that as we look up and over the shoulder, we’re going to hold that for four seconds. And we are going to do it twice and  we want to be doing this between four and 12 times a day.

2. Assisted occipital traction.

With help the occiput is gently distracted. Full details are in the video above.

3. Pec minor door frame stretch

The 3 elements of feet, elbow then head help you get set up for this relieving stretch which prevents the head coming forward leading to the hump between the shoulders.

Full details are in the video and remember that these exercises are not right for everyone – consult with your Primary Care Doctor of Chiropractic before trying.



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