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Why Your Chiropractor Recommends Ice Skating In Ottawa

Ice Skating In Ottawa Is So Cool!

I have been approached by a few people telling me that they are super-frustrated because of the recent closures with gyms and such, and they feel that they are not able to exercise.

So how about next time you come to Loving Life Chiropractic, bring your skates? You can pop around the back to Mckellar Park and take yourself out for a heart-pumping, fun, and full-on skate around our football-pitch size skate rink. Click on the image below to check out this video:

ice skating ottawa

There’s also a little rink linked to it. And here’s the deal – if you fall over and subluxate yourself (cause nerve interference) we will even give you an “ice rink adjustment” at our expense!

Also, I understand that some gyms are staying open on the understanding that some of the members are rehabilitating. For those of you that are rehabilitating and are looking to get back to the gym, then make sure you reach out to me for a letter if you need one. Under the circumstances, I will drop the usual charge for that letter.

And with all of the extra exercise time that you now have everyone can easily get their tummy time exercises in, as well as any other spinal hygiene exercises I have recommended you. Just follow this link here for my three-minute spinal hygiene exercise program and you can exercise along with Dr Craig!

Enjoy and make sure you stay active over this period.

Let me know of any health topics you would like me to cover.

Dr Craig


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