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How To Alleviate Neck Pain - 9 Spinal Hygiene Stretches in Just 3 Minutes

How to alleviate neck pain and more importantly help you hold your chiropractic adjustment so that you can do what you love … for longer!

These 3-minute spinal hygiene stretches if conducted regularly and consistently can contribute to reducing the chance of your spine prematurely aging. And that is key if you want to do what you love for longer.

Many people are spending longer sitting at the keyboard, often in unsuitable home offices, looking down at our phones or iPads. Some people have long hours driving. These stresses all contrive to pull our head forward which leads to more pressure at the base of the neck. This changes the neck curve, and a change in the neck curve puts more pressure on the mid-back and lower-back curves. With time this can contribute to disc-degeneration and spinal issues including nerve interference.

A little like brushing your teeth, this Spinal Hygiene Routine if done regularly feels really good and can help you maintain a healthy spine for longer.

The first video gives a full explanation and covers the exercises in more depth – this is a 20-minute investment in your health. Ideal to watch once to get context for the exercises then switch to the shorter exercise video. Click here or on the picture below to view the video…


neck pain relief


The 2nd video is just the 3-minute routine in an energetic follow-along format so you can save the link to your phone or iPad and just get going every morning (or evening). Yeah baby!! Click here or on the picture below to watch the video which gives you an idea of how to alleviate neck pain by maintaining your adjustment for longer.


literally 3 minutes


Let me know what you think on the comments below or on the Youtube channel link.

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