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Hints and Tips To Successfully Invite People to Your Chiropractor

Little,Boy,And,Girl,Whispers.Once people have been under chiropractic care for a short while they begin to experience the benefits it has to offer. Some people ask us “Why did no one tell us about this before?” Many people realise that they have friends, loved ones or colleagues who can benefit from chiropractic care but they are unsure of how to ask without feeling uncomfortable.

Why Share?

Many people realise that chiropractic saves life… both metaphorically and literally. If you are in discomfort and if brings you a new lease energy and function then you have a new and improved quality of life. That’s metaphorically saved life. If you extrapolate better function throughout your life, that means less drugs and surgery, less disease and sickness and more years added to your life. That’s literally saved life. A pretty good reason to tell people about chiropractic care

Who to Share With?

Anyone can benefit but only if they have a spine and are alive?(Sorry, no jelly fish ??). But the fact is that most people usually need to be motivated by unpleasant symptoms in order to take action. Examples of symptoms include Migraines/Headaches/Neck Pain/Upper/Mid/Lower back pain/Shooting pain into the legs and Infinitely more.

How to Share?

There are many ways you can help people in your circle of influence discover chiropractic results. :

1. Simply tell them about your experience, this is the most important part. Some people start by saying “This may sound crazy but …” and you may want to  finish with something like, “I think chiropractic care may be able to help you too, would you like me to ask my Doctor to contact you?”

2.  If possible ask if its OK to give the Doctor their name and number for the Doctor to reach out to them directly and answer any questions they may have.

3. At Loving Life Chiropractic we have a special year-round “Care Enough to Share” pack and seasonal events like the “Christmas Gift of Health” for practice members to gift care to their friends and loved ones. You could use one of these gifts to help someone discover chiropractic care.

4. You could bring them along as a guest to our “4 Pillars of Health” workshop at no charge. They can learn a ton of inspiring information about their body and health and meet the team.

5. If they wish they can come in for a free 15-minute consultation with the Doctor at no obligation.

6. If you have 5+people (e.g. a workgroup, social circle, sports team) I can put on an interactive Lunch and Learn event or workshop at your place or maybe online! Work, church, sports club or social club are all great venues.

7. By now you should have Dr Craig’s personal mobile number on your phone (under “World’s Greatest Chiropractor” ?) so if someone you know or love has questions or is in the middle of a crisis then call him and maybe he can help them instantly.

Stay Tough!

Sometimes people have to hear about chiropractic 5, 10, 15 times before they pick up the phone to call us or say yes to agree to have us call them. So, do not be disappointed  if the person you are talking with doesn’t respond right away. Sometimes they need to hear from a different person, or even several different people.  As long as you have shared with them, that there is a way to improve their quality of life, and live healthily without resorting to drugs or surgery, and shown them how they can get the care then, you have set them on the first step towards doing what they love for longer with chiropractic care.

In Summary…

“You never know how far reaching something you may think, say or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow. It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”

This is a famous quote from one of my mentors, B.J. Palmer, the son of the first chiropractor, who was an inventor, genius and businessman who undoubtedly brought chiropractic to the world. Enjoy lighting candles in our community!

Dr Craig
Principal Chiropractor
Loving Life Chiropractic

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