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Getting A Yelp Review Approved

Writing a Great Yelp Review That Doesn’t Get Stuck In the Filter

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Several practice members have gotten frustrated after spending time and energy to write a Yelp review, just to be disappointed that it was discounted when it got stuck in the Yelp filter. I have been writing Yelp reviews for my favourite businesses for some time now, and below are some hints and tips on how to avoid the filter:

1. A big flag to the filter is when someone follows a link from an email or website directly to the business’s Yelp Review site. Instead of following a link just navigate to and simply search for the business that you wish to review.

2. Doing the review on your mobile phone is always better. A lot of people review on the spot and this makes the review more authentic so Yelp gives kudos to mobile phone reviews.

3. A photo included in a review gives weight to it especially if the photo includes members of the business.

4. Mention names of the business’s team in the review – this gives authenticity and helps distinguish from AI generated reviews.

5. Have friends in the Yelp ecosystem. In your profile make friends with some of your contacts on Yelp. If you need to, simply reach out to drcraig(at) to include me as your early yelp friend.

I trust this helps and if YOU have any other hints and tips on how to avoid the Yelp filter then post them in the comments below.


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