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Five Reasons to See A Chiropractor Even If It Wasn’t The Biggest Car Accident Ever!

By Dr Craig Hindson – The chiropractor Ottawa residents seek for long-term health solutions.


biggest car accident

Car accident in the snow

Impactful Winter Days!

It may not have been the biggest car accident ever, but its the time of year when being rear-ended from behind becomes all too common. It terrible when stopped at the light you look into your mirror and see that the car behind you just isn’t slowing down. You brace. Then comes the CRASH. Its sickening…the sound of shattering glass and bending steel

If you are thrown back you might end up with whiplash. But the fact is that, even if it is just a slow speed “fender bender” a tonne of steel has just come to a sudden stop and a massive amount of energy has been transferred through your body. You can walk away with no obvious signs but still with reduced structural integrity. This may show up as pain and discomfort days, weeks and sometimes even years later.

Only 10%

As only 10% of your nerve system feels pain, now you can be in the situation that you have an imbalance in your spine (subluxation) due to all the energy transferred in the crash, changing function in your body, with NO OBVIOUS symptoms. Not OK!

Thankfully, chiropractors are trained to detect and correct these vertebral subluxations allowing your body to quickly return to balance. The miracle that is your body can heal and repair itself without the need of a body repair shop and it will do this much more effectively and avoid future structural issues when chiropractically “tuned-up”.

Five Reasons to See A Chiropractor Even If It Wasn’t The Biggest Car Accident Ever!

1. Medical minimization of your issues – In the ER, if there are no broken bones, bleeding or emergency medical need then you’ll probably be given the all clear and a prescription of muscle relaxers and pain medication.. Any misaligned vertebrae and muscle micro-tears will be ignored. However your chiropractor will help correct the sometimes hidden structural and neurological damage.


2. Don’t Wait – Waiting weeks months or even years could be the biggest mistake as it allows further breakdown of structures such as discs and spinal curves and can lead to scar tissue formation. This can prove to make correction later on more expensive, difficult and time consuming. So, chiropractic care will help avoid needless problem and may speed up recovery times.


3. Less Medications – Usual care relies on pain medication. But many find the side effects more troubling than their injuries. The opioid crisis can be thought of starting from these types of acute issues. Chiropractors help victims return to their subluxation free, pre-accident condition.


4. Insurance Coverage – The last thing you want to worry about is money. Especially the cost of your care. Many auto insurance policies offer some chiropractic coverage. However, they may only cover a certain number of visits. Others have fee limitations. Some may require a medical referral. Yet, chiropractic is often less expensive than medical treatment.


5. Discover Chiropractic as a form Wellness Care – Many first get chiropractic care after an impactful accident. As they learn about chiropractic, they opt to continue their care. Naturally, how long you benefit from chiropractic is always up to you.


Even if its not the biggest car accident, whether you were a passenger or driving, a car crash is traumatic. Seek a chiropractor who can detect and correct the hidden damage to your spine and nervous system.


“Five Reasons to See A Chiropractor Even If It Wasn’t The Biggest Car Accident Ever!” dated Jan 20.  Return to the Blog here.

From The Desk Of Dr Craig Hindson, the Chiropractor Ottawa residents seek for long-term health solutions

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